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Professional – Effective – Quality


Our Solution minimizes cost, reduces risks and bad debts, and improve organizational productivity


Customer’s privacy is our top priority; personal information is secured with high-level encryptions


Our Solution are reliable, incorporating the latest technology


With experience and enthusiasm, our team strive for customer satisfaction


Pioneers in applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to finance and banking in Vietnam

Credit Score

Evaluate creditworthiness of a person through analyzing available personal information using advanced models

Anti Fraud

Evaluate the accuracy of input information by users.


Automate customer interaction in the lending process to save time, reduce cost, and increase user convenience while maintaining data privacy

Ads Platform

Our platform for business campaigns, on multiple channels: SMS, USSD, MMS, Google, Facebook, etc.

Loan Management System

Automated solution for the lending process, aim to optimize procedures at financial institutions to save time, cost and improve user experience.

Lead Generation

A solution to identify and reach out to potential customers who are qualified, based on mobile usage behaviors, for financial products and services offers by banks and financial institutions.

An online platform providing comprehensive information and comparison between financial and insurance products offered in Vietnam

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